Monthly Archives: October 2017

Scotland Street Apartments

This job never ceases to surprise me. I received an out-of-the-blue enquiry  from a London property company the other day. They are looking to buy an apartment building that I completed in 2009 and wanted some details of the project. We converted and extended the old Ashton-under-Lyne County Courts building into 26 apartments to let […]

Monton House Nursery

Yet another long running project on the ‘books’ completed. We started work on this building over six years ago in June 2011. My client had acquired the building in a ‘fire sale’ from the bank after the crash in 2008. It then lay dormant and was in a very poor state gradually deteriorating due to […]

Over Tabley Hall

The Hall is a Grade II listed building in Cheshire. It is part of a 17th to 19th Century manorial complex and includes the ‘New Hall’ built between 1760 and 1780, the ‘Old Hall’ built in the 17th century and a barn complex to the South spanning the 17th and 20th centuries. The Hall was […]

Mancrem Office starts at last

Day 1 on site I was delighted to see the posts for the site hoarding being installed today around the site for the new office at the Crematorium. We have all waited a long time for this. I started work on designs for the new office in June 2010 and I have been told the […]