Monthly Archives: September 2013

Original sketch for the penthouse

I discovered this sketch in my archive which I did in December 2010 for the penthouse fit-out in Castlefield (which I blogged the other day). It will be interesting to see how closely the completed job is to the sketch.

A new office for the Crematorium

Meeting today with the Chairman of Manchester Crematorium. We have designed a new office for them and submitted this for planning permission. The office is on the left of the picture next to the Chapel. We hope to get a decision early in November and start construction in April.

A luxury penthouse in Castlefield, Manchester

A view inside a luxury penthouse apartment that we have been working on since December 2010. I’ve been on site with the client and project manager. It’s finally starting to shape up but still some big decisions on finishes to be made. The walnut doors are arriving this week so I’m looking forward to seeing […]

An office block in Talbot Road

Today’s task is to investigate how to convert this office building into flats.